We offer wide array of sleep studies in order to test and treat all sleep disorders and conditions. Our services include but are not limited to:

Overnight Polysomnography (PSG study) – an overnight baseline sleep study that will determine what kind of sleep disorder the patient has. This type of study can be modified to test patients with RBD (REM behavior disorder), RLS (Restless Legs Sindrome), seizures, etc. Referring physician will determine what type of PSG study the patient needs

CPAP Titration (CPAP study) – an overnight sleep study required for treatment of moderate and severe sleep apnea. During the study the patient is connected to a CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) device. A machine that gives the patient air under pressure to help them breath and keep open their upper airway.

Split Night Study – a combination between PSG and CPAP study that requires one overnight in the lab. Considering it’s limited testing time, this study is offered only to patients with certain insurances which require only that type of study in particular

MSLT study (Multiple Sleep Latency Test) – A daytime study that requires 5 naps 20 min each to determine patient’s sleepiness. Used for diagnosing Narcolepsy

MWT study (Maintenance of Wakefulness Test)  – A daytime study required mostly by transportation companies to prove the state of wakefulness of their drivers and their ability to work.

  • Sleep Specialist Consultations
  • Insomnia Specialist Consultations
  • Dietitian/Nutritionist Consultations

PAP NAP program – A daytime program that is designed to help the patients get used to the CPAP treatment. PAP NAP is a new form of service rarely offered in the city of New York. It helps patients with their therapy compliance and assures their full understanding of CPAP treatment and benefits.